Shane Pellerin Lawyer Pasadena TXBefore practicing law, I too, had to search for and hire lawyers. To say the least, I was not always satisfied with their efforts. At times, I felt like they were hearing me but not really listening. I decided that when I became an attorney I would not treat people like a client file number. I would make every effort to get to know my clients and their needs.

Raised by working class people in Pasadena, Texas, I graduated in the top 10% of my high school class and went on to graduate with honors from the University of Houston. As a full-time college student, I often worked two jobs and attended both day and night classes. Like my clients, I have learned to pursue my goals without sacrificing my family and personal obligations.

I have a family full of plant and industrial workers. As a result, I worked many years in chemical plants and refineries before practicing law. Later, as a union representative, I represented hundreds of union workers in the Houston and Galveston area successfully negotiating contracts, arguing grievances, and organizing new members.

After my undergraduate studies and years of working in plants, I yearned to take my fight for working people to the next level; especially after witnessing too many people aggrieved by a system that is often controlled from a courtroom. I felt that as an attorney, I could fight to tear down the walls built to prevent the fair and consistent treatment of working people. My passion took me to law school and still carries me today.

While attending South Texas College of Law, I worked at one of the largest civil litigation firms in Texas. I gained invaluable litigation experience while diligently working to resolve my clients’ cases in their favor. Also, I learned that as a litigator, you can roll-up your sleeves and take your opponent to task.

My arena is now in a courtroom. But, my working class roots ring loud and clear as I practice law. Out-working the opposition is my goal for every client I represent. Although I can’t guarantee a result—I can guarantee my efforts.

My door is always open and I am extremely devoted to my clients. Many lawyers use staff members to run interference and alienate themselves from their clients. I believe this is wrong and strongly encourage client/attorney communication. After hiring the Pellerin Law Firm, I sincerely hope that you will stay in close contact with me.

My clients and I partner to make our community a better place to live because we all have a stake in our community—I just handle the legal side. Many people know me as their child’s little league coach or friend’s dad.

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