The Pellerin Law Firm offers the following probate services:

  • Will drafting and execution
  • Will Probate proceedings
  • Estate administration
  • Guardianships
  • Administration of trusts
  • Contests and litigation

Many people work their entire lives to provide a better life for themselves and their families. This usually leads to an accumulation of assets that still exist after the person dies. Under Texas Law, we are entitled to create a last will and testament by putting in writing how we want our assets to be divided and distributed.

Unfortunately a grieving family can be confronted with fighting to make sure that the wishes of their deceased family member are carried out. The Pellerin Law Firm is ready to help you put your last will and testament on paper and fight to make sure that it is completely executed.

Probate issues affect everyone at some point in their life, and unfortunately, they often provide painful moments that cannot be ignored. The Pellerin Law Firm will work hard to ensure you and your family are taken care of.

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