The Pellerin Law Firm fights for financial compensation to help families recover in the case of medical malpractice.

Too often families watch a loved one enter a hospital and never walk out. We’re happy to fight for justice to help your family recover.

We help families in the La Porte, Deer Park and Pasadena, Texas area receive the compensation to recover after a loss due to medical malpractice. Our law firm focuses on offering straightforward answers and approachable legal advice. We’re willing to be aggressive in our representation, and we’re determined to get you and your family what you deserve. If you’re a family in Texas who has suffered due to a surgical error, a doctor’s mistake or any other form of medical negligence, the Pellerin Law Firm is happy to offer you a free medical malpractice consultation.

Let us Fight Against Medical Malpractice with You

The Pellerin Law Firm is one of the few law firms in the Pasadena Texas area that’s willing to take on a large number of medical malpractice cases. We’re experienced in helping our clients find answers to their questions, such as:

  • What happened, and who is really at fault?
  • How do we make them pay for their mistake? 
  • How can we prevent this from happening again to another family? 

We’ve seen the pain and frustration that results from the knowledge that a loved one’s wrongful death was caused by doctors or nurses who failed to pay attention to your family member’s signs and symptoms. We’re here to help in cases involving everything from misdiagnosis, to birth injury and to a host of other negligence-related complications.

The Pellerin Law Firm is here to help our clients recover the maximum compensation that’s allowed by Texas law. We want to help you and your family move on. Our mission is to facilitate change in the way negligent doctors, nurses, surgeons and hospitals operate throughout the Houston Texas area. We want to provide justice for our clients and their families. While we know that we can’t fight to bring your loved one back, we want to help prevent these terrible mistakes from happening to other families in the future.

Contact the Pellerin Law Firm today for a complimentary consultation. We’re committed to obtaining justice for victims of medical malpractice.

The Pellerin Law Firm Works in the Following Areas of Medical Malpractice:

Surgical Errors

Birth Injury

Misdiagnosis and Delayed Diagnosis

Hospital Errors

Other Medical Malpractice