All surgeries carry inherent risk, but the risk is significantly amplified when negligence enters the picture. Surgical negligence an come in many forms, and it may include errors in preoperative care, from unwarranted procedures to perforations of internal organs caused by surgical utensils.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a surgical error, we’re prepared to bring our years of medical malpractice experience within the surgical error area to help you recover the compensation that you and your family are entitled to. Our goal at the Pellerin Law Firm is to help you and your family heal while we help prevent similar negligence for other families in the future.

Pasadena Texas Post-Surgical Complications Lawyers Areas

The Pellerin Law Firm is one of the few firms around the Pasadena area that focuses on medical malpractice. We’re experienced to work on nearly any surgical error malpractice, which includes:

  • >Unnecessary surgery
  • Surgical error
  • Failure to recognize post-surgical complications
  • Gallbladder surgery errors
  • Bowel injury as a result of abdominal surgery
  • Retained foreign objects
  • Paralysis after surgery
  • Wrong side surgery
  • Organ puncture or perforation
  • Bowel perforation
  • Spinal cord injuries in surgery
  • Failed cataract surgery
  • Delayed surgery
  • Prolonged surgery
  • Gastric bypass surgery malpractice

We fight fairly and aggressively to get your family justice and recovery. We’re happy to offer a complimentary consultation to discuss with you your rights and to begin building your case.