The Pellerin Law Firm will fight passionately in the following personal injury cases:

As working people, we all have jobs and duties for which we are responsible. If we don’t meet our obligations we could be fined, disciplined, or terminated. In other words, we are held accountable.

Those that injure others should also be held accountable. Why should they be given a free pass at an innocent victim’s expense? They failed to stop and ask, “How can we do this with everybody’s safety in mind?” Their failures ruin lives.

Many big corporations operate like accountability does not apply to them. They try to use the legal system to dodge and run from their responsibilities. Furthermore, they rely on an injured person’s weakened state and lack of resources. The Pellerin Law Firm has the knowledge and resources to hold big corporations accountable and bring justice to our clients.

We are accustomed to being the voice that the other side cannot ignore. The Pellerin Law Firm will fight to seek out those who harmed you and hold them accountable. We will aggressively take the fight to them.

I spent years working as a plant, industrial, and union worker; therefore, I know the lies corporate defendants like to tell and the questions to ask. Operating a business with the expectation that people will be injured is absolutely unacceptable.

If a person survives a serious injury, unfortunately, his/her life is changed forever. Victims are often left with many questions and few answers. How will I make it? What about my family? At the Pellerin Law Firm we will do everything within our power to bring justice to you and your loved ones.

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