Shane Pellerin Law Firm Probate LawyerWhat Masie Knew is a movie that focuses on how divorce affects 6-year-old Masie. Her parents are busy fighting and tearing each other apart and barely able to remember that they have a child in the middle of them. The movie shows the incredibly sad viewpoint of Masie as she watches her parents more or less abandon her.

Masie¬†shows the struggles of a child in the middle of a contentious divorce, and it’s a painfully realistic look at how families may deal with divorce today. As her family is torn apart, she watches quietly as her parents fight over her in a wicked custody battle.

The movie is brilliantly told from the child’s point of view, which certainly puts viewers right in Masie’s shoes. The movie is an adaptation from Henry James’ 1897 novel, and it’s a fantastic representation of what families go through in 21st century Houston divorces.

If you’re facing a divorce, and especially if children are involved with your divorce, we’re happy to suggest divorce mediation as an option to consider. We’ve dealt with bitter child custody issues here at the Pellerin Law Firm, so we understand the stress and conflict that you and your family are going through in this tough time of transition. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation, and we’re happy to discuss your options as you face a potentially stressful divorce.

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