As society has become more share-friendly, more constantly connected online and less connected in person, some argue that love isShane Pellerin Law Firm, Pasadena Texas, Family Lawyer actually dying.

More people stare at smartphones instead of interacting at parties and focus more on sharing the “perfect shot” on their social networks and focus less on interacting in person. The New York Times recently held a debate on whether social media is killing love.

The debate ranges from calling Facebook a romance contraceptive to discussing the issue of constantly changing relationship statuses. Are people concentrating more on collecting friends than forming real relationships? Is publicly declaring your love endearing, or nauseating? When you check your Facebook News Feed, are you learning more about people you care about or constantly comparing yourself to them?

What do you think? Are we more social with all of our social networks, or have we cut ourselves off from reality in an effort to be more “connected”?

We’ve noticed in recent years that more and more often clients are bringing in printed pages from Facebook to show cause for divorce. More spouses are connecting with old flames through social networks, and more marriages are struggling as a result. Do you know anyone whose marriage has suffered as a result of social networking?