Texas Child Support LawsMore than a dozen men were arrested this fall in the Rio Grande Valley as a result of being behind on child support payments. The Cameron County Sherrif’s Department worked along with the Texas Attorney General’s Child Support Division to arrest the men who were behind on child support. The men who were arrested for owing a total of more than $390,000 in child support payments.

The men were arrested early in the morning before heading to work, and bond payments were used to help pay off the owed child support money to the custodial parents. Efforts are also being made to assist non-custodial parents who may not be able to pay child support due to extenuating circumstances. Texas police have said that most parents who are arrested for not satisfying child support payments try to make amends to the custodial parents if it’s possible.

Texas officials encourage parents who are unable to pay child support to contact officials to try to restructure the payment plan for child support before police need to resort to arresting the offending party.

The recent roundup of men who owed child support was meant to show a message to the public regarding Texas’ stance on overdue child support payments. Police have said that Texas in particular has a problem with parents paying child support on time.

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Source Browsnville Herald: http://www.brownsvilleherald.com/news/local/article_39b14cb2-14e1-11e2-9397-0019bb30f31a.html