Shane Pellerin Law Firm Probate LawyerDivorce is becoming more and more common, and technology is helping the process along for couples facing divorce. We’ve talked about DIY divorces as well as serving divorce papers through social media. And now Wevorce is stepping in to offer yet another way to simplify the process via technology.

Wevorce is an online service that breaks the process of getting a divorce into steps that are easily managed in an effort to avoid additional costs and a messy court battle. The service defines couples as one of 18 different archetypes and then walks the couple through the process of divorce in simplified steps. Not only does Wevorce cover legal and financial documents, it also offers advice on how to handle tough emotions and keep the divorce process amicable.

The company claims that of the hundred pilot families using the service, none of them have had any major meltdowns or large issues. Wevorce is confident that they’re making divorce a slightly smoother process.

The Pellerin Law Firm is happy to offer a complimentary consultation to discuss with couples divorcing near Pasadena, Texas how we can make the process a bit easier as well. We’re happy to discuss tools such as Wevorce as well as the legal process involved with divorce. Contact us today to set up a conversation.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, “The Next Frontier of Technology: Making Divorce Easier,” Matthew Lynley, April 2, 2013.