Shane Pellerin Law Firm Probate LawyerThis weekend’s Mardi Gras celebration in GalvestonĀ resulted in several arrests after a crowd became violent and refused to disperse.

Just after midnight police began to sweep the area to end the Mardi Gras celebration, and they encountered a group who had used fencing to barricade the street. As police began to remove the fencing from the street, the crowd became violent and started throwing bottles at the officers.

At this point police used as oleoresin capsicum canister with no response from the crowd, but a second OC canister resulted in the crowd dispersing.

The main agitator of the disturbance was arrested and confirmed to be a gang member. Nineteen people total were arrested as a result of the disturbance. No injuries or private property was damaged.

Those arrested will face public intoxication charges as well as disorderly conduct charges, and some may face more serious charges for inciting the crowd in the Mardi Gras disturbance.

Source:, “GPD: Police forced to use OC canisters on violent group after Mardi Gras,” by Marcelino Benito, March 2, 2014