Shane Pellerin Law Firm Probate LawyerWhile the number of children involved in ATV accidents has dropped in recent years, even just one small ATV accident can be life-changing for a child.

Between 2001 and 2010 360,000 children went to the hospital as a result of all-terrain vehicle accidents.

Nine-year-old Jadyn Eberly has had nine months of skin grafts after her ATV accident last Thanksgiving. Surgeries, skin grafts and many doctor visits have been a large part of her life since her ATV accident.

Jadyn’s mom points out that she broke several rules when she had her ATV accident nearly a year ago; the family requires her to always wear a helmet, stay on flat ground and stay away from hills and trees while riding the ATV her mother pointed out.

Doctors at Memorial Hermann Hospital said that Jadyn was very lucky in her accident and that they frequently treat people who are much, much worse off. ATV accidents lead to amputations, paralysis, head injuries, infection and much more.

If you or your child has been in an ATV accident, we’re happy to discuss your options with you. While serious ATV accidents may be on the decline in the Deer Park, Texas area, plenty of children and adults alike find themselves in serious, life-changing ATV accidents.

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