Dalles, TX: A brain injury in a car accident that left a young boy with disabilities for the rest of his life recently ended in a settlement four years after the accident. While the parties involved with the accident have agreed to not disclose the details of the legal settlement, the family of Abdallah Khader finally feels it’s received some closure in the matter.

Four years ago the family of Abdallah Khader was driving when they were struck by another vehicle. The other vehicle was driven by a man who was discovered to be under the influence of alcohol after leaving an Applebee’s restaurant. At the time of the accident Abdallah Khader was two years old, and he suffered the most serious injuries out of the family. According to the receipt from Applebee’s, the man driving the other vehicle was served 23 alcoholic drinks in two hours. The Khader family chose to launch a brain injury lawsuit, and they named both Applebee’s and the other driver as defendants.

Stewart Lee Richardson, the driver of the other vehicle, had previously been charged with six drunk driving convictions.

The Khader family alleged in their brain injury lawsuit that the family deserved money to help with the financial burden that the son’s brain injury was causing them. They also alleged they deserved compensation for their lost earnings, the emotional trauma and the mental anguish caused by the accident as well as medical expenses.

While the settlement has not be disclosed, the family reports that it feels that it finally got the closure it deserved from the car accident that happened four years prior.