Shane Pellerin Law Firm Probate LawyerAs of September 1, several new laws are in effect in Texas. And if drivers don’t know the new traffic and driving laws, they could be facing a fine.

Police are on watch for people breaking more laws in school zones now that children are back in school.

With children in mind, Texas has also expanded its laws against holding a cell phone to your ear in active school zones as well as spots designated as school crossing zones.

Fines have also been increased for drivers who pass a stopped school bus loading or unloading children. Fines are even higher if you’re a repeat offender.

A new law that many drivers may like, though, is that you can now show proof of car insurance via your cell phone.

Check out the full list of the new laws in Texas that affect drivers, gun owners and students as well as many more Texans here:

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Source: ABC13, “As of September 1, several new laws are in effect in Texas,” September 1, 2013