Shane Pellerin Law Firm, PCThe cleanup of millions of gallons of waste as well as polluted water resulting from a petrochemical fire in Deer Park in March continues four months after the large fire burned. The fire that burned for days at a petrochemical storage site in Deer Park is owned by Intercontinental Terminals Company.

ITC must abide by a 31-page management plan that defines how waste must be sampled and identified. The waste must also be stored and discarded according to the guidelines.

Specific information regarding the status of the work at the Deer Park facility is difficult to find, though.

While the large fire caused no injuries, it did trigger air quality warnings. More than 21 million gallons of waste and contaminated water have been collected from the Houston Ship Channel as well as the tank farm since the March 17 fire.

All waste and contaminated water are considered to be dangerous until tested and determined otherwise.

Source: The Seattle Times, “Cleanup continues after Texas petrochemical fire in March,” July 22, 2019