Shane Pellerin Divorce LawyerEven in divorce, there is an app for that. Technology helps us in plenty of other aspects of our daily lives, and now it can make your divorce just a bit easier.  Every little bit helps when you’re in the middle of the divorce process.

Five Apps to Make Your Divorce Easier

1. The 2Houses app is a web-based platform and app designed to help divorcing/divorced couples manage the shared custody of children in a cleaner, friendlier manner. Both parents share a digital calendar in which they can keep track of children’s busy schedules, and when one parent changes the calendar, the other will get a notification. This can be a great way to lessen the stress involved with managed children’s busy schedules.

2. Nervous about splitting assets? Splitting up the house, the money and the possessions that you shared as a couple can be very stressful. The iSplit Divorce app allows divorcing couples to assign icons to the big ticket items that are shared to claim ownership. The couple is asked to define a monetary value for the assets being split, and iSplit keeps track of how much each spouse is receiving when assets are claimed to try to keep the assets split evenly. Information can be easily exported as an Excel spreadsheet to be printed and brought to a divorce lawyer or financial adviser.

3. The Divorce Log app allows divorcing spouses to keep track of information related to their divorce. Everything within the app can be easily sent as an email, which can be handy when sending to your ex-spouse (to show overdue alimony, for example) or to your lawyer.

4. Child support is a big aspect to every divorce involving children. The Child Support Calculator is an app for Android that helps divorcing spouses calculate estimated child support costs depending upon the state they’re divorcing in. The app requires the user to enter incomes, information regarding custody of the children as well as the state where the spouses reside. This can be a great preliminary tool in figuring out what sort of child support payments to expect. For those divorcing couples who need an iPhone app, many exist specific to each state.

5. If you need advice on how to parent as a newly-separated or divorced parent, the Parenting Apart app can help. A community of parents going through the same experiences as you are ready and willing to answer questions.

While these five apps certainly won’t make getting a divorce easy, they may help even just a bit. If you’d like more advice on how to make your divorce easier, Shane Pellerin Law Firm offers complimentary consultations to help you get started on the right foot.

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