Shane Pellerin Law Firm, PCBar owners and supporters gathered together this week at a Pasadena nightclub to protest the governor’s bar closure order.

The co-owner of Chuters in Pasadena says that they just want to open to make money to pay the bills.

The bar closed when Governor Abbott ordered bars to be closed on June 26, but Chuters reopened up this week to protest the closures.

Multiple bar owners as well as the Texas Bar and Nightclub Alliance are suing the state. They claim that it’s not fair that bars need to be closed while hair salons and other businesses are remaining open.

Protestors argue that it’s not fair that people can get drunk at restaurants but bars and nightclubs aren’t allowed to open.

Source:, “Pasadena bar holds protest over COVID-19 closures,” by Pooja Lodhia, July 13, 2020