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If you are injured at your workplace, you might not think to take action. Maybe injuries and hazards are “just part of the job” or maybe you think that the injury was your fault, and therefore no one else should be held accountable for it. The truth is, most workplace injuries are avoidable, and it’s your company’s responsibility to make sure that their workers are safe.

In a document put out by the American Society of Safety Engineers, Carl and Deb Potter (two Certified safety professionals) debunk these three myths about workplace injuries:

Myth #3 You cannot create a hazard-free workplace

“We don’t work in a dangerous environment. We work in a hazardous environment that we make dangerous by not following safe work procedures and wearing our PPE.” -Brad Miles

Working in a “hazardous environment” should not be an excuse for workplace injuries. In fact, labeling it a “hazardous environment” should only serve to keep safety procedures up to snuff and motivate employers to ensure your safety. Don’t let the “danger comes with the job” mentality prevent you from taking action after a workplace injury.

Myth #2 Being safe takes too much time and money

Your well being is worth more than the extra cost put in to keep you safe. Your employers should know that. If you are injured because your company was trying to save a little money, then they obviously neglected to account for the cost of a workplace injury.

Myth #1 Accidents just happen

“Research shows that over 99% of all accidents are preventable.”

Accidents don’t just happen. If you or someone you know has suffered a workplace injury, chances are that it could have been prevented somewhere along the line.

Read what the document has to say about these myths and how to bust them.

Source:, “Top Three Myths About Workplace Injuries – And What YOU Can Do To Bust Them,” Carl Potter and Deb Potter