Shane Pellerin Law Firm Probate LawyerAn Ohio village has been held in contempt over its use of speed cameras. Judge Robert Ruehlman of Hamilton County ruled March 7 that the Elmood Place ordinance allowing cameras to be used to ticket speeders without actually pulling them over was unconstitutional. But despite this ruling, they continued to issue speeding citations.

Now Elmwood Place needs to pay back $48,500 in speeding fines collected after the ruling as well as remove the speeding cameras. The program brought them more than $1 million in revenue while it was in operation.

Currently Texas municipalities may not use automated traffic control systems to enforce speed, but red light cameras can be used depending upon the local ordinances, and the maximum fine can go up to $200.

As more cases such as this one in Ohio regarding speed and red light cameras pop up around the country, it’ll be interesting to watch whether these devices are ruled to be unconstitutional. If you have a question about a traffic offense in or around Pasadena, Texas, the Pellerin Law Firm is happy to offer you a complementary consultation. We see cases from all around the Houston metropolitan area, and we’re happy to let you know your rights. Contact us today with your traffic violation question.

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