Shane Pellerin Law Firm, PCA former Pasadena police officer has been charged with assault. He’s been accused of putting a dog leash around his stepson’s neck when he was eight years old.

McKay Christensen turned himself in Friday night after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

The incident happened in 2017, when Christensen’s stepson was walking a dog. He said that the stepson wasn’t walking the dog properly, so he allegedly put the leash around the boy.

Christensen’s wife, Stacy Rodd, was accused of injuring a different child when this incident was reported in June 2019.

Christensen had been with the Pasadena Police Department for 16 years and recently had retired.

Source:, “Ex-Pasadena police officer accused of choking child with dog leash,” by Marla Carter, December 7, 2019